Waves keeps its record of producing horrible TVCs


Waves has recently launched its new Alpha Triplet Deep Freezer. The product is backed by almost 2-minute long film ‘Dadai Cool’ featuring Bushra Ansari.

The film starts with Bushra disapproving the laziness and inactivity of the family. She moves towards Waves deep freezer and opens it only to be transformed into ‘Dadi Cool’ who is not so cool apparently. For the entire duration of the TVC Bushra Ansari is made to dance to the beat of Dadi Cool. In the end even the product story fails to justify the long jingle-cum-song.

There is no connection between the Dadi and the freezer except the word cool. It’s too childish and immature. The creative does not highlight the innovative features introduced by Waves in its new Alpha Triplet Deep Freezer.

The new triplet comes equipped with smart digital touch panel, human interactive LED lights and new improved deodorizer technology. We don’t find any reference to these features during the ad which is too long to talk about the product.

No doubt Bushra Ansari is the living legend of Pakistan. She has served the showbiz industry for more than three decades. Her presence in the advert certainly gets the attention of the viewers. But the concept and the whole idea of the ad spoils everything. It fails to do justice to the stature of Bushra Ansari. Waves has wasted the opportunity to cash in the fame of Bushra.

Bushra Ansari becomes Dadi Cool for Waves new Alpha Triplet Deep Freezer TVC.

The ad is getting negative views on social media. It even fails to entertain the common man. Waves has a legacy of producing functional and hard-sell campaigns which have never been creative or thematic. Their brand idea ‘Naam Hi Kafi Hai’ did well for the company in the past and even today it has a strong recall. The company also failed to build on its brand idea.

Waves deserves the credit for introduce deep freezers in Pakistan. The company also claims to have brought split air conditioners in the market. Product wise Waves has always been on a strong footing. Their refrigerators and deep freezers were trusted and relied on by the consumers across the country.

Waves started disappearing from the market when players like Orient, Haier, Dawlance and PEL invested heavily on marketing and advertising. Currently the market dynamics are extremely competitive. Waves needs to revisit its marketing strategy in order to devise an effective creative and communication plan. With Dadi Cool Waves is not likely to uplift the brand image.