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WHO Website does some Coronavirus myth busting

In the 21st century, how is it possible for anything to be taken over by myth and misinformation? Access to information and unabated social media feeds are not always helpful in separating fact from fiction. As I write Coronavirus is being talked about in homes, streets, TV Channels, and social media platforms. But none of these places of debate are authentic sources of information. We are habitually susceptible to believing anything conveyed to us. WhatsApp is one of the most effective ways of creating word of mouth irrespective of the truth value of the content. There is no dearth of stupidity in the world. WHO website had to put up a section on Corona myth-busting to address the issue.

WHO website has busted a number of myths that are circulating around the world. The most common among them is the misconception that COVID-19 is eliminated in hot and humid climates. The virus can be transmitted in areas where temperatures are higher and the atmosphere is humid. Similarly, there is no reason to believe that it does not spread in cold and snowy areas.

A lot of people are sharing the idea that the consumption of garlic can help prevent the infection of Coronavirus. Although garlic is healthy and has numerous health benefits yet there is no evidence that garlic consumption protects people from the infection. So it is not more than just a myth.

Punjab CM Usman Buzdar recently showed concern about the spread of Corona through mosquito bites. It came as a shocking surprise to most of us. But this ill-founded idea is neither new nor unique. The WHO Website has also addressed this myth. It clearly denies the notion. There is no evidence or information to suggest that the infection could be transmitted through mosquito bite.

There are a lot of myths regarding Coronavirus says WHO Website.

Self-medication is a common practice that is extremely dangerous. In the current situation, a lot of people are suggesting the use of certain medicines to fight Corona. To date, there is no specific medicine or vaccine to treat the virus. Only qualified doctors are authorized to prescribe medicines to relieve the condition of the patient.

The most effective way to ward off corona is social isolation. There is no potent weapon against the virus than staying at home and keeping clean. The use of sanitizers is important yet one must not go to the extent of applying such content on the entire body. In a state of panic, people are doing things that are ineffective like the use of UV light to disinfect hands.

WHO Website has all relevant information about COVID-19.

Coronavirus is a global pandemic. We need to be skeptical before storing any information as true in our minds. WHO website is there to help us and guide us in every way possible. Having said that, we have to make decisions before the situation goes from bad to worse. A decision not taken or a decision not taken in time could mean more disaster than we could imagine. There is no rocket science to fight Corona. Only two things are required of us, stay home, stay clean.