Why the Joker keeps getting crazier

Behind every big fortune, there is a crime and behind every criminal, there is a tragedy. The idea might seem crazy but the world is as crazy as they say. It’s just a matter of seeing the perspective that concerns a particular individual, not the society or the established moral code. The character of Joker in the DC Comic universe has always intrigued, inspired, and baffled viewers around the world. What is that one thing that makes a villain justified in doing what he does? Why we sympathize with him? Why we don’t want him to die?

The perspective, the highly personalized version of a character’s story, the depiction of his true emotional spectrum can cast a spell on viewers that allow them to ignore the intensity of the crime. The trailer alone of Todd Phillips’s Joker, in less than three minutes, establishes Arthur Fleck (Joker) as someone who is being wronged by the people rather than he, doing wrong to the world. He is the hero. He is the one who suffers. He is the one to be sympathized with.

Among all villains in cinema history Joker is one of the most interesting and psychologically complex characters. Since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, Joker has acquired more depth in character. Todd Phillips has taken Joker to the next level where the boundaries between crime and justice, right and wrong, good and evil evaporate into thin air. It also raises the question about the nature of evil itself. If we come out of our social, cultural, and emotional prejudices “evil” will present itself as a necessary action in the struggle for survival. Just as Newton’s third law of motion says, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Evil can be seen as a reaction to some kind of action or maybe vice versa. Justice is prejudice against the criminal if it aims to inflict the same wrong that the criminal himself has perpetrated.

Joaquin Phoenix plays the joker

Morality is not a fixed set of notions or customs. They keep changing and evolving with the passage of time. Killing in the animal world is essential and the key to survival. As humanity became conscious of its actions in the broader societal perspective, it made a set of rules to keep order; and the idea of justice is one of them.

The performance of Joaquin Phoenix looks promising and original. It certainly was an uphill task for him to be different and even better than the performances of Jack Nicolson and Heath Ledger. Joker is appearing in theaters at the beginning of October 2019. The film has various psychological, philosophical, and emotional themes that demand a thinking mind to ponder, reflect, and debate.  

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