Will Night King return to haunt the seven kingdoms?


Evil, as we are made to believe at quite an early age, cannot be removed from the world. A necessary evil we might say. Human actions are seen in the light of either good or evil. The story goes back to the origin of Satan etc. If you watch Game of Thrones (GOT) you must have been anxiously waiting for the battle between the men at Winterfell and the White Walker Army led by the Night King, the battle we could easily call a conflict between good and evil.

The battle is finally over and the White Walkers have been defeated. Is it as simple? If you remember the first episode of the first season, it starts with a kind of prologue that hints at the imminent threat of some deadly creature not yet termed as White Walkers. As the story progressed not much was told about their origin or purpose. In the 6th and 7th season the story reached a point where it seemed inevitable to bring the White Walkers at the center stage. The north was united by Jon Snow. The Dragan Queen came to the rescue of the north, out of love for Jon snow or something else is debatable. But finally what happens. After the long and hopeless battle the Night King is suddenly shattered to pieces by Arya Stark. No one was expecting that.

Night King was undone by Arya Stark.

The jaw dropping nonstop action numbs the senses for the entire duration of the episode. But a lot of questions were left unanswered. The episode also reminds us of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The concept of evil is similar. Frodo Baggins destroys the Ring just as Arya kills the Night King to purge the world of evil forces. Can the world be purged of evil? To some extent it sounds utopian. Writers all over the world have usually depicted evil on a satanic scale. But What about the evil within?

Maybe the creators of “Game of Thrones” want to take us to the darker side of human nature. The lust for power between men, that will result in the final battle of this epic TV series. There are also speculations among the GOT fans that Night Kings is not dead and he may return. We are in for all kinds of surprises. Night King’s return does not seem plausible. Time is not on the side of the makers of GOT to explain drastic shifts in the story.

The conflict with evil is not a war to be fought in a dramatic battlefield. It has to be dealt with in a more sinister arena, the human mind.