Zong brings Jason Roy to the land of five rivers


How many times have you seen a TVC campaign by Zong or any other telecom brand highlighting its corporate image? Such campaigns are few and far between. Mostly, mobile service providers keep bombarding the customers with tactical campaigns starting with a star and ending with a hashtag sign.

Zong 4G has recently taken a detour to a realm no other telecom company had visited before. The land of the five rivers. A place where culture melts into joy and hospitality becomes the art of living. Jason Roy, the opening batsman of World Champion England, is welcomed to the land of the pure by Pakistan’s best ever Test batsman and the Captain of T20 World Cup winning team, the great Younus Khan.

Zong brings Jason Roy to Pakistan.

Cultures are unique and it’s their very distinctiveness that make them so rich and interesting. The language and traditions of Punjab dating back to thousands of years are the pride of Pakistan. Zong ‘Har Rang, Har Sitara Hamara’ is one of those rare campaigns that celebrate and take pride in what we are as people and as a nation.

Saying that we are a peace loving and hospitable nation is one thing and showing to the world what it really means is entirely another. Jason Roy’s coming to Pakistan is not just great for brand communication or its marketing strategy but also more importantly for the country at large.

Coca Cola Pakistan in the recent past tried to build a communication around the spirit of nationalism but ended up blemishing the image of the country with their ‘extremist’ idea. Zong has shown how a good communication can project the soft image of Pakistan to the world while taking full mileage for the brand along the way.

In an atmosphere where international cricket is hard to come by in country, the arrival of English star cricketer is good for Pakistan Cricket. It’s pleasing to see Jason taking the full measure of rural Punjab from food to festive melas and from local sports to the casual meanderings.

Among all the fun and happening the brand is seamlessly connected with the theme of the ad which makes the whole affair worth watching. Jason Roy is shown using his Zong 4G to share and savor every moment he experiences.

Zong 4G claims to be Pakistan’s No. 1 data network with 12,000+ 4G towers across the country. Claims or even facts can never have precedence over perception. Zong enjoys a good brand perception among the people. The current campaign will go a long way in lifting the brand image and in winning wider user base across the country.

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