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Zuni’s Cuisine, the best tasting food in town

Everybody wants to have great tasting delicious food every day but at the same time nobody wants to compromise on the quality and hygiene of the food. If you go out to eat, the hygiene is not guaranteed. If you eat at home, you won’t get those special mouthwatering cuisines. But every problem has a solution.

Zuni’s Cuisine is an up and coming homemade food provider. It is a place where you can find taste with healthy and hygienic food. The trend of providing homemade foods is gaining grounds in various parts of the country especially in the metropolitans like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Zuni’s Cuisine offers homemade food ranging from Continental, Chinese, Italian and Mexican among many other varieties and delicacies.

If you are a food lover Zuni’s Cuisine is a must try out. It is a Facebook based service which provides food on advanced booking and delivers it to your door step. Zunaira Shah is the expert Chef behind the project. Being an expert and qualified cook, she is a regular feature on Mariyam Farhan’s Weekend Brunch on Gourmet News Network (GNN). You can find cooking tips, techniques and all kinds of recipes on the show.

It is not more than a year since Zuni’s Cuisine was launched in Lahore. During this short span of time the name has become synonymous with quality and taste. The best thing about it is that you can order whatever you want to eat. It does not restrict to any menu. You can also order frozen food that includes a huge variety of Kababs, Nuggets, rolls, Samosas and many others ready to fry items.

Taste is something that a family is always conscious of especially when arranging a dinner party. You always want the best food variety for your special guests but a lot of things hamper you including time and cooking expertise. If that is the case, look up Zuni’s Cuisine on Facebook, order the best tasting homemade food available in the city and arrange a great Iftar dinner this Ramadan.